Language Lab


The language lab plays a vital role in the language learning process. It facilitates the students to learn the language in an effective way. Sacred Heart Degree College for Women gives the students the opportunity to refurbish themselves in to the learning expedition. We always assure that all kind of instructional materials is available for the students. 

The language lab in Sacred Hearts Degree College for Women is a platform to

  • Develop communication skills in the students by learning the LSRW skills.The four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are practiced in such a way that students can perform improvise tests.
  • Facilitate teacher with real time monitoring. That every activity is recorded it will pay way to an effective evaluation of students learning process. Recorded students audio -video activity can be taken for future reference.
  • Emphasize the key learning points by showing the digitalized virtual gateway of teaching.
  • Providing all type of study materials which increase learner’s achievement by support learning, incorporating the syllabus, lesson plan and practical knowledge about the text.
  • Providing E -Video references to students which stimulate the analytical action of thinking, problem solving and improves decision making skills.