Counselling cell in Sacred Heart Degree College aims at promoting well-being, aiding to develop a better understanding of the self, to grow both intellectually and emotionally, to be more satisfied and productive and improve the depth and quality of one’s life.

Counsellor: Ms. Sangeetha

Counselling sessions are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 1pm. Individual sessions and   group sessions are held.

The major issues addressed are mainly on anxiety and stress. The other issues addressed are     ·Relationships · Anger · Self-esteem · Self-Belief · Trust · Insecurity · Family problems. With a very non-judgmental and non-directive approach and with a little extra hand holding and continuous sessions, the students are able to get more clarity.

As young adults, the students go through a lot of confusions and fears. After the counselling sessions they are able to handle the situations better and take decision and understand themselves better. Stress management and how to cope during exams is one of the main topics discussed during group sessions.