Computer Centre



Laboratories are the back bone of any college for practical exposure which brings real value to the Degree. The College has one computer lab with a capacity to accommodate 50 students. Lab has a full time system administrator.

  • The computer laboratory is having 50 computers well equipped with latest configuration and configurations with all the necessary software and packages with updated versions of operating system and antivirus software.
  • The computers are interconnected with a local area network with a central server system.
  • Lab is equipped with Wi-Fi and projector facility. The projector features are EPSON PROJECTOR with 3500 LUMINANCE. The Demos of the practical programs are made easy and more interesting among the students since it is presented by the teachers with help of the projector screen. 
  • Wi-Fi based connectivity is available for the staff and the students. 
  • Students have extensive and free access to the internet for surfing as well as email. The lab has extended working hours enabling students to work late hours.  

The following Lab courses are conducted by the department.

  • Operating Systems Lab
  • Object-Oriented Programming Lab
  • Data Structures Lab
  • Java lab
  • IT skill Lab